Why The Turkish Furniture Project Is Important


Pointing out that Turkish furniture makers have grown in the past 10 years thanks to the government’s expansion policy. The aim of the industry is to become a global brand in the furniture market by advertising Turkish style furniture with unique designs. The exporters are very well aware of the vitality of marketing and they place significant importance in fairs and exhibitions. Leading exporters in the furniture sector, which exported around $4 billion in 2012, say that figure does not represent the potential of the furniture industry in Turkey. The sector increased its exports by 14 percent in 2012 compared to the previous year. The industry also got together and bring new ideas into the industry by creating project competitions.

If we are talk abour these projects;

Look to leading furniture manufacturers who specifically manufacture for the hospitality industry to supply quality furniture for your hotel. Whether you are interested in developing new furniture designs or purchasing value-engineered hotel furniture, working with qualified commercial or contract furniture manufacturers will give you everything that you need to distinguish your property and elevate your guest’s experience.If we are talk about the importance of restaurant projects, we could say these ideas. Successful restaurateurs know that interior design is a key element to a successful operation. Design is in essence a part of the strategic focus of the restaurant, and a key tool used to differentiate the eating establishment from competing restaurants. Interior designers and their creative uses of building materials such as glass, textures, stone, colors, patterns, mirrors, flooring, furniture, lighting, and metals and so on are the basic ingredients by which designers create a masterpiece of a dining experience. By mixing and using these elements they transform a restaurateur’s dream into a reality.

Waiting chairs and companion armchairs are very important in hospitals which are visited by people every day. Ergonomic waiting chairs are important elements for people not to think of their illness at hospital.

Coiffeur and hairdresser salons are commercial areas sat by hundred of people a day. We visit these salons continuously for a certain period. It is important to entertain waiting customers at comfortable seats and beautiful waiting benchs to customer satisfaction. Waiting armchairs are the most important element to provide a comfortable waiting area for guests.

Cafes are important places which we can have cheerful and qualified break and have rest in our busy life. If you add comfort to your qualified time, the cafe which you have been can be irrevocable places with tables and comfortable chairs and armchairs. Another type of similar grouping would be arenas, auditorium halls and sport stadiums, where the seating manufacturer may have developed suitable solutions. The manufacturer should be comfortable and competent enough to work throughout all phases of the process. From the earlier stage of the process, you can be ensured of consistency, where a total comprehension of the project requirement, along with the expertise in project- design can be supplied.

The importance given to projects is incerasing in the mentioned areas above. In addition ,comfort and visual quality is increasing day after day. To respond the growing needs Turkish furniture project works has been rising. Turkish furniture projects solves both spatial and aesthetic concerns of the interior of a building or structure.