Why Ready to Assemble Furniture Is Perfect for Frequent Movers


Some people live in homes for a very short period of time due to regular job transfers, leases or rentals or even just an interest in constant change. This type of lifestyle means that along with these constant moves comes constant moving of furniture and belongings. Needless to say, that can be rather expensive and labor intensive. Wouldn't it be great if you had an easy to move core group of home furnishings that broke down into smaller pieces when the need arose? What if that furniture could be broken down quickly and easily, and set up once again just as quickly? Ready to assemble furniture offers just such furnishings and includes a number of options to get exactly what you want.

Ready to assemble furniture comes in a whole lot of different styles, as well as varying levels of quality. First of all, you should only consider the custom made versions of RTA (ready to assemble) furniture. These companies offer RTA furniture that is made solidly with easy assembly and outstanding customer service. They are not the cheap ready to assemble type options that are made from particle board and plywood frames. These furniture options offer hardwood oak or ash frames that are guaranteed for life. Custom made RTA furniture is certainly the best option to go with if you move frequently for any reason.

The primary reason that you might consider ready to assemble RTA furniture if you move often is simply due to the flexible nature of the product. When you change homes often, your furniture may not always fit into every new situation. Elevators, tight doorways and staircases may make moving new furniture in difficult or impossible with standard furniture. With custom made RTA furniture you would be able to move your furniture in quickly and easily, regardless of how tight the space.

Another reason you would go with ready to assemble furniture options is because they are much more cost efficient. Even though the custom made sofas and chairs cost more than the cheap RTA options, they are still a good deal less expensive than a typical showroom furniture piece built in the standard manner. What is particularly exciting is that they are still just as beautiful and comfortable as any other furniture.

Easy and flexible color and decor changes are yet another reason you would want RTA furniture when you move often. Slipcovers are custom made for this furniture and can be implemented to completely change the appearance of a quality piece of furniture. If you move often, then you encounter different color walls and styles as you move. Custom made RTA furniture makes those moves easier by allowing you to change things up in a cost efficient way.

If you move often, then you really should look into custom made ready to assemble sofas, chairs, ottomans, couches, love seats, sleeper sofas and even sectionals. All of these furniture options are top quality in the custom made arena, and all would be an excellent addition to any home.

Source by Rodney Southern