Top 10 Restaurant Chairs


There are many different styles of restaurant chairs from which to choose if you’re just beginning a new business venture. Depending on what kind of restaurant you have you may consider one or many of the different options from this list.

1. Aluminum Chairs: The best thing about these chairs is their mobility. You can fold them and stack them, move them easily and replace them wherever you want. That makes them ideal for banquets and outdoor seating, as well as for when you need to clean the floors of your restaurant.

2. Armchairs: These comfortable chairs have arm rests, which make them ideal for nightclubs and lounges. This restaurant furniture will encourage people to cozy up and spend money at the bar.

3. Bar stools: This is the most popular chair for bars. It is ideal for happy hour, but if you run a bar specifically and expect big weekend crowds, keep in mind you may have to move them to make way for the masses.

4. Chaise Lounge: A very attractive chair if you have a lounge or bar and want to convey an impression of elegance and luxury. These short legged chairs are long enough to put one’s feet on, and are also called day beds, fainting couches or recamiers.

5. High Chairs: If you are looking for family restaurant furniture, high chairs are good investments to make. Families eating at your restaurant with a baby will be happy when you can offer one. And the best thing about them is that you shouldn’t need more than a few.

6. Swivel Chairs: These are fun for both bars and restaurants, making it easier to get out of a cramped space.

7. Bench: These are handy if you have an area for guests waiting to be seated.

8. Deck Chairs: Perfect if you have a restaurant by the beach. Or if you have seating on a patio or lawn, deck chairs are comfortable, portable and weather resistant, perfect for lounging with a drink in hand.

9. Rattan/Wicker: These chairs are comfortable and can help you convey a theme of beach-going relaxation. Seafood restaurants especially could benefit by using rattan or wicker restaurant furniture.

10. Wood Backed: These are probably the most common of all chairs. They have ladder or vertical wood backing and can come with an upholstered cushion or a flat bottom. They are ideal for cafes, bistros and small restaurants.

Now that you’ve seen some of the different restaurant chairs options, you may have a better idea of what your restaurant needs in order to properly achieve the proper ambience. Comfort counts but so does style. And don’t be afraid to offer variety for a funky vibe, no one ever said that all of your restaurant furniture has to match. Have fun and good luck!

Source by Mark Etinger