Thomasville Furniture


Thomasville Furniture was founded in 1904 in, where else, Thomasville, North Carolina. At that time, the only thing they sold was the "Thomasville chair." Over the past 100 plus years, Thomasville has grown because the workmanship of that first chair so impressed customers that they wanted Thomasville Furniture to start making other pieces as well.

Thomasville makes casual, contemporary, traditional and "world influences" styles of furniture. So, there's something for every taste. Their contemporary furniture looks more like a classic-contemporary mix, which might not appeal to hard core contemporary fans. They have numerous furniture collections that could keep the undecided busy for weeks. If you work from home, Thomasville makes desks, book cases and chairs to decorate your home office.

When shopping on the Thomasville Furniture website, you will be informed whether or not an item is "available in store only." What you will not get, it sees, are prices. You have to call your local Thomasville Furniture store to find out how much something costs. For example, a black leather chair from the Work Styles home office collection regularly retails for $ 835. The old saying, "If you have to ask, then you can not afford it," could well be true for some who hope to buy Thomasville furniture. While the prices are not necessarily exorbitant by upper middle class standards, working class families can not afford to shop there.

Quality and durability count. Some reviewers online give Thomasville furniture a thumbs up for quality, while others give it a thumbs down. One reviewer complained that he could not return what he considered defective furniture without having to pay an additional "restocking fee." No matter where you buy your furniture, always make sure you know the return and exchange policies. That's the best way to avoid getting a shock later on.

Overall, Thomasville Furniture still maintains its reputation for producing beautiful, quality home furnishings. If you can afford to pay their asking prices, you could walk away with a long lasting piece of furniture to hand down to your children or grandchildren one day.

Source by Jennifer Brown Johnson