Platinum Apartment Renovation


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The apartment located in a residential building developed in 2005 in Monterrey, Mexico was entirely renovated to adjust to the client’s needs. Being an independent entrepreneurial woman in her late 20’s, her lifestyle revolves around her rising career and rich social life like many women today. It was important for the space to reflect and communicate her modus vivendi and personal style.

The apartment’s original distribution sectioned the living area with dividing walls between the living room, dining room and kitchen. These walls were demolished and the finishing materials were stripped to expose the structural bones of the building in order to highlight them by restructuring the space with a monochromatic palate of textures.

The adjustments to the original layout and exposing the existing concrete structure to reveal the space’s true height and dimensions created a light and spacious atmosphere. The white Monochromatic textures are complemented by highlighting the lavender hues of the concrete, softening the strong and somber material to work with the furniture design. The furniture design completes the tailoring of the space to the client’s needs. Spacious seating and dining was designed for entertaining guests and every piece was custom designed and built to highlight the apartment’s dimensions and textures.