Organizing A Home Based Jewelry Business


The jewelry business has opened your eyes to the reality that it can be worked from the home. The jewelry designer within you has been making beaded jewelry as a hobby and organizing a home based jewelry business is now a priority with the economic turn down.

Serious thought is now given to organizing your office area, work bench, inventory storage, and display space.

The transition from hobbyist to professional jewelry designer will have you moving from the kitchen table to a work bench. The kitchen table served you well when test marketing your jewelry wear with friends, neighbors, relatives, and fellow workers. The amount of orders is telling you to start making professional changes in order to be able to increase your production.

Office area:

  1. Placement of telephone, computer, order taking materials, and delivery schedules.
  2. File cabinet for legal forms, business invoices, order forms and receipts, accounting and tax records, and photo catalog for jewelry designs.
  3. Computer for notification and saving all notices for jewelry shows and events in your community or out- of-state functions, online jewelry sales, and monitoring website, and online orders from customers or for business jewelry supplies, and other jewelry making accessories.


  1. A comfortable working height.
  2. Ergonomically correct sitting stool or chair.
  3. Proper lighting.
  4. Self standing or mounted magnifying glass.
  5. Sectional container for jewelry tools.
  6. Bead, beading thread, wire sectional, and fastener containers for work in progress necessities.
  7. Proper measuring equipment and jewelry boards.
  8. Notepads.

Inventory storage:

  1. Pegboard for hanging strings of beads.
  2. Plastic containers for storing loose beads.
  3. Thread peg holder for storing spools of wire, threading, etc.
  4. Containers holding finished work for quality control review.
  5. Containers to store jewelry by individual colors and sizes.
  6. Library shelving for professional instructional videos, jewelry books, trade magazines, and personal designs and ideas.

Display setup

  1. Display holders for necklaces, bracelets, rings.
  2. Various theme accessories such as weddings and other personal celebrations, national holidays, and seasonal sales.
  3. Attractively draped table to enhance jewelry setups.
  4. Mirrors for customers.
  5. Mini glass or acrylic display cases.
  6. Large glass display cases.
  7. Business sign and business card holder.
  8. Sign up sheet.

Regardless of whether you have customers occasionally coming to view the home display or not, this area needs to be set up for photo shoots of your merchandise.

Arts and crafts shows, art shows, craft shows, bead shows, jewelry shows, cultural festivals, and many other community events where you are able to set up a display usually require a photo of your display setup and photos of the jewelry before being admitted or qualified for their show or event.

Setting up your display center is also a key to organizing a home based jewelry business because it is a living center of your for sale inventory. This setup will make it easier for you to pack if you have a last-minute calling for a commercial or for a home party show

Source by Tricia Deed