Modern Kitchen Furniture


The gleaming or smooth matte appliances of the modern kitchen demand the companionship of similar modern kitchen furniture. It would be a mistake to pair these “futuristic” objects with cheap kitchen furniture or even country kitchen furniture. To be modern calls for something more, and this can be a somewhat tough order to fill when it comes to the right contemporary kitchen furniture. You are likely to find plenty of more traditional offerings at typical kitchen furniture stores, but it is possible to get something that is cutting edge and sophisticated.

So what kind of furniture are we talking about here, exactly? We are talking none less than the sleek and modular surfaces that define the truly modern designer kitchen. Countertops and even the surfaces of cabinets and cupboards are sleek, and thus so should your furniture be.

In terms of tables, think minimal. You want something that looks light as a feather, like it could float. Some even choose glass tables that might only look half there. Give careful consideration to the table base if you choose a table with a glass top, as this will define the look of not just the table, but the whole kitchen as well.

The dining chairs are also important, and this is again even more applicable when the table top is see-through. Upholstered chairs may look nice and be comfortable to sit in, but keep in mind that it might be more difficult to maintain their appearance as time goes on. Fabric gets loose, and light colored chairs stain easily. That’s a blemish that won’t be easy to get rid of, though it will stick out like a sore thumb in an otherwise immaculate kitchen.

Consider putting an island in the middle of the kitchen. This creates visual interest and expands the work space considerably. If designing from scratch, consider locating the stove, oven, and sink in the island. This is a somewhat radical departure from the ubiquitous design of traditional kitchens that puts the stove up against the wall. It is also quite functional, allowing the cook to look out into the room as opposed to gazing at the wall.

Source by Anton Lowenthal