Kitchen Chairs – Make Sure They Match Your Kitchen Table


Kitchen chairs are typically a purchase that comes after that of the rest of the kitchen furniture, or at best at the same time. The reason is simple: you can typically find kitchen chairs to match the rest of the items, but trying to do the reverse will typically fail. There are such a wide variety of them on the market today that you would have to have a very extraordinary kitchen not to be able to find the chair of your choice.

There will be one or two decisions that will remain independent of much of what you already have in your kitchen. One of these is whether or not you select kitchen chairs with arms. If your chairs are to be used around a conventional kitchen table, then typically these chairs do not have arms. If, however, they are to be used at a breakfast bar, or for serving food at the level of a kitchen work surface, then you’re the ones you get will typically be higher. In this case, and given the condition of having chairs that are perfectly stable and that will not tip, it may be more comfortable to have chairs with arms.

The color and the shape of your kitchen chairs will in any case be determined by the color and design of the rest of your kitchen furniture. There are certain margins for maneuver, but clearly if you have chosen a rustic theme for your kitchen, then you are unlikely to choose fluorescent green plastic one.

Your choice of kitchen chairs may also be conditioned by notions of space saving. If space is at a premium, and your family is not too large, then you may want to acquire something that can be stacked for storage. In this case and under “normal” conditions, you only need to use a few chairs for you and your family. The rest can be stacked and stowed away. When you have friends or more family to visit you in your kitchen, then supplementary chairs can be brought in on an as needed basis.

You can also find kitchen chairs in the form of stools that also double up as mini stepladders. They are made with steps that you can flip out and climb up to gain an extra 18in. of height and retrieve that baking pan from where you stashed it all way right at the top of your kitchen cabinets.

You can also legitimately take the point of view that as your kitchen is a workspace and accidents will happen, then sturdy but inexpensive kitchen chairs will be the best compromise. It’s clear then, when cooking is underway, kids are eating or arts and crafts are in process with paint slopping everywhere, then they are going to take their share of the punishment.

So a simple design that washes and cleans it easily may well be a better compromise than a high-class, sophisticated kitchen chair that ends up with a lot of extra “decoration” that you had not bargained for.

Source by Jennifer Akre