Internet Marketing Strategy- 4 Core Approaches – Basic


The Internet is such a huge part of our world and though marketing has been around for decades, Internet Marketing seems to be difficult for some to break into. There are many approaches one could use. Remember that when marketing on the Internet it is virtual the same as marketing on TV, radio or the newspapers. It's all about your audience.

I will focus on 4 core approaches that I believe are the easiest and simplest to begin your Internet Marketing Strategy.

1. Build your list. This can not be stressed enough. To market to anyone you have to be aware of who your targeted audience is. You do not want to try to sell a Scooter chair on Myspace. There are not too many youth who will need a Scooter chair. And I do not think Grandma is going to be on Myspace. Understanding your audience will help you in marketing on the Internet.

2. Design your ads based around your audience and then your product. Make sure that you connect the two.

3. Keep your ads short but bold. Use words that will grad peoples attention and leave the need to seek more information about what you have. Do not over sell.

4. Promote, promote, and promote. Internet marketing is the same as advertising in the "real" world. The more you promote, the more you are seen the more you will be noticed. Go where the audience is!

Using these 4 core approaches will help you get noticed and hopefully give you guidance in marketing your website and / or products and services.

Source by Sean Mize