How To Select The Right Auditorium Chairs


If you have been put in charge of buying auditorium chairs for an area that expects a large amount of people at one time you may feel a tad bit overwhelmed. Most people have never had to shop for these types of furnishings, and we really do not know very much about them.

The first thing you have to do is to think about the reason why people are going to be listed in the auditorium chairs. These seats are used for many different types of establishments and the type of establishment the chair is going in will let you know the length of time that people are likely to be located in the seats at one time. The length of time the people will be in the seats is a very important factor in deciding which type to buy.

Auditorium chairs can be single framed seats that fold up, they can be single framed seats set in a row, they can be benches, and they can be single seats that share one common framing system. The single seats sharing one common framing system take up the least amount of space, they provide safe places to sit, and they are stable.

Auditorium chairs that are designed with one common frame can have seats that are cushioned, seats that are not cushioned, seats that are covered in cloth, seats that are covered in plastic, seats with arm seats, seats without arm rests, and seats with arm rests that have built in cup holders. Remember that the length of time the average person would have been sitting in the seat was said to be important? Here is why:

• If people will be in the seat for less than thirty minutes at a time you can purchase the chairs that are not padded, and have no arm rests on them

• If people are going to be in the chairs for at least thirty minutes, but less than ninety minutes, then you can choose the unpadded chairs that have arm rests. After thirty minutes people start trying to find some place to rest their arms

• If the chairs are going to be occupied for periods of time lasting longer than ninety minute you need to choose the padded versions with arm rests

• If the establishment allows people to have beverages while they are there then you should choose the seats that have arm rests and cup holders

Selecting these chairs is not as hard as you might think, you just need to think about the establishment, the average person that will be listed in them, and the average amount of time they will be occupied.

Darker colors show fewer stains, so when you are selecting your upholstery choose the darker colors. You also want to avoid cloth if possible, because cloth covers are harder to care for than the plastic covers are. With cloth covers you have to steam clean them to remove stains and odors, but the plastic covers can be cleaned with a soft cloth and warm soapy water.

Source by Ador Talukdar