How to Buy a Rise and Recline or Lift and Tilt Chair – What to Look For


Other than a bed, a chair is the most important item of furniture that you will use. You will spend many hours of each day in a seated position and the quality of support that your chair provides you will directly affect your overall health.

If you have difficulty standing up or sitting down, then the design of the chair becomes even more important. When this is the case it is not only comfort and support, but also ease of access that become significant features of the chair’s design. Today there are special ergonomically designed chairs for many purposes including helping those who are physically challenged to get into and out of a chair.

Rise and recline (lift and tilt) chairs

For those who find standing up and sitting down challenging there is a special type of chair called a rise and recline chair that can actually help with the standing and sitting motion. These chairs can also be described as lift and tilt, riser recliner and other similarly descriptive names.

What a rise and recline chair does is use motors to lift and lower the seat and backrest of the chair whilst simultaneously tilting it forwards. This ergonomically designed action has the effect of duplicating the standing up and sitting down motion, but it takes the physical effort away from the joints and muscles of the person using the chair. The process is controlled by a remote control and once in its normal position the chair looks just like any other typical chair.

What to look for

Rise and recline chairs are expensive, so it is important to buy the right chair for your body and its needs. The best way to ensure that this is the case is to try one of these chairs out. They are mainly purchased by the elderly, people with arthritis and those with joint or muscular weakness. If you fit into any of these categories, then a lift and tilt chair should make your life easier. Here are some thoughts to consider when contemplating buying one of these chairs.

When trying the chair out, see how it feels for seated comfort. It is no good having a chair that helps you to sit down if you are not comfortable once seated in it.

Play with the remoter control unit. See how quickly or slowly the rise and recline action can be operated and only buy a chair that can be set to a speed that suits you.

Different riser recliner chairs will have different finishing positions for the chair once it is at it highest and most tilted position. By trying out a number of different chairs you can find the one that most suits your size, height and other physical attributes.

See if the chair has a feature like an emergency battery. This could be useful in the event of a power failure.

Look at the available fabric finishes for the chair. Although you will be buying this type of chair primarily for its function there is no reason why it should not look good and fit in with the d├ęcor of your home.

Finally, find out what kind of guarantees and warranties are attached to each chair. Different companies offer different levels of support and some warranties may be dependent upon a service or maintenance check.

Source by Martin Lambert