Casual and Formal Bar Stools


Did you know that bar stools are designed with casual and formal styles in mind? Of course, when you go down to your local pub or bar, the stools at the counter are ultimately casual, being of the metal or wood variety, but not all bars and dining establishments are the same. Similarly, many people have counter top eating at home instead of a proper table or their own bars, and casual bar stools with a dinette set style are used in this case. Which one should you choose? In general, all are made out of a combination of wood or metal, sometimes both, and have a padded seat. Some have swivel designs, while others are created like oversized chairs with a back and four legs. The type of bar stools you’ll need depends on the mood and style of the space.

In general, formal stools are those seen at high-end bars, pubs, and bistros. As the look of many of these places is modern, the space – bar included – often goes for a minimalist look. A minimalist look, also called “contemporary,” involves no ornamentation or elaboration and, instead, sticks to metal and glass in distinct shapes. But not all bars and bistros go for a contemporary look, and rustic but classy bars go for the opposite look, which is usually created by an all-wood set of bar stools that match the table and bar counter down to the finest details in the wood.

Going to a local bar or eating in your kitchen shouldn’t feel like a full dining out experience, and this is where casual bar stools are needed. Think of your local watering hole, generally with the most basic metal or metal and wood stools, and this is the general design for casual bar or pub stools. For your home, dinette style pub stools are somewhat common, as well, and are used in place of chairs in some cases. Instead of adding a dinette to a kitchen, a counter can be transformed into a table top by the use of pub-style stools.

Whether you’re looking for contemporary or casual style, bar stools, no matter the material, are designed in several styles. Whether you have a bistro with pub-style seating or an old English style pub, bar stools are created from a combination of metal, wood, and seating material to meet your style needs.

Source by Irene Test