Benefits of Modern Sleeper Sofas


Chances are when you think of a sleeper sofa, the picture you have in your mind is one of a beaten down, uncomfortable, cheap piece of furniture; that would have been the case 30 years ago. Today's sleeper sofas are modern convenience at its best. They not only save space and money, but are actually comfortable enough to sleep on!

If you are styling your apartment and have limited space, sleeper sofas are the ultimate example of function and style. During the day, you utilize the sofa as a place to sit down and relax with friends. Your sofa looks great and it's a good place to settle in front of your tv At night, the sleeper sofa easily unfolds into a big bed to allow you a comfortable night's sleep, without wasting valuable space. There are no bumps or gaps that you might fall into while you're sleeping, or springs that bury into your back like the sofa sleepers in the past. Today's sofa sleeper's fold completely flat and feel like a regular bed.

Another big benefit is that sofa sleepers are relatively inexpensive to begin with; then factor in the cost that you only need 1 sofa sleeper, rather than a separate bed, mattress and sofa that will cost you much more. Some separate mattresses for your bed can cost more than a single sleeper sofa. Sleeper sofas come in endless colors, designs and materials to suit your tastes and décor. Most people can't even tell that the sofa opens up to make a bed!

If you have the space you need for your immediate family, you might think that a sleeper sofa will not be useful for you; often times we have visiting friends and family that have nowhere to sleep but a small, uncomfortable couch (or even the floor) when they arrive. The sofa sleeper can be used in your home office, library or play room then opened up and used for visiting guests. You still get the extra room to do with as you wish, with the extra perk of having a bed for grandma and grandpa to stay over when they visit. Guests won't mind that their "bed" is in your office; they'll be happy to have a comfortable place to sleep. Sofa sleepers come in many sizes and will be the right fit for your space.

Sleeper sofas are the ultimate modern piece of furniture for today's lifestyle. They are beautiful, functional, save time and space, comfortable, and reasonably priced.

Source by Robert F Bennett