Ashley 83702 San Lucas Harness Sofa Review


The 83702 San Lucas Harness sofa and loveseat set is a perfect addition to any living room. With its classic design and high level of comfort, both the family and guests will appreciate it.

Rich brown faux leather combined with well executed stitching give this sofa and loveseat a design of its own. Ashley Furniture was able to strike a brilliant balance with this furniture because the beautiful, decadent colors match many hues of area rugs and throws. Choosing room colors and accent pieces such as cocktail tables or pictures is easy due to the modern feel of this 83702 San Lucas Harness set. A likely match for a metropolitan, original individual or a family in need of a classic addition to the living room, this set has everything one is looking for and can be paired with many pieces to create a successful design.

Bonded leather is stuffed with high-density polyurethane foam to ensure just the right amount of cushioning. Both children as well as adults can have a great time watching movies, enjoying company, or relaxing after a long day of work. Unlike other living room sets, this one possesses comfort to be enjoyed in numerous ways. Teenagers can enjoy playing video games and having sleep-overs on the most comfortable couch and adults can enjoy a long game of Trivial Pursuit with friends while sitting by the fireplace.

Through the years, Ashley Furniture has developed a reputation for building furniture that withstands both normal wear and tear as well as excessive abuse. Resistant to even the worst spills, leather is ideal for cleaning and can withstand most accidents typical in everyday family life. Due to outstanding craftsmanship and attention to detail, the San Lucas Harness set is sure to accompany families throughout their lives.

Ashley Furniture is a brand that provides its customers with an outstanding value proposition. With amazing style that creates a look suitable for any home, this sofa set is sure to be admired by many. Ergonomics and durability are unmatched. No matter the situation or occasion, living room sets like this will provide their happy owners with many years of service.

Source by Michael Liberman